Exhibition Walkthrough Part 1

Take a walk through the exhibition to learn more about the themes and wonderfully weird creatures you’ll encounter in Extreme Mammals.

Come face-to-snout with the largest and smallest land mammals ever found: the 16-foot-tall Indricotherium and the tiny Batodonoides, lighter than a dollar bill.

What is a Mammal?
Get the basics on mammal evolution and biology, uncover the key characteristics that link us to more than 5,600 living species today, and discover how we might be the most extreme mammal of them all.

What is Extreme?
Find out what makes certain traits “extreme,” and meet our oddball ancestors, such as the rhinoceros-like Uintatherium—one of the first giant land mammals to evolve after dinosaurs.

Head to Tail
Examine the huge variety of horns, tusks, noses, brains, body armor, and tails that have appeared throughout history as a way of recognizing species, attracting mates, or providing defense.

Investigate the weird ways that some mammals reproduce and feed their young, from “pouched” parents like koalas to egg layers like platypuses (which also secrete milk through ducts in their skin rather than through nipples).