Exhibition Highlights

Exhibition Overview

Experience the startling and often extraordinary world of Extreme Mammals, a captivating new exhibition now showing May 25, 2012 through January 6, 2013, only at The Field Museum.

Explore the ancestry and evolution of a vast array of species—both living and extinct—through fossils, specimens, skeletons, and vivid reconstructions. Try on the teeth of a saber-toothed cat or the tusks of a giant hippo, meet an ancient horned rodent, and face a “walking whale” that lived nearly 50 million years ago!

Discover the shared traits that define “normal” mammals, then examine “extreme” adaptations that have appeared throughout time and around the world. Stand next to the ancient South American Macrauchenia, which sports a giraffe-like neck, camel-like body, and elephant-like trunk, and check out the living, shrew-like Solenodon that injects venom into its prey like a snake (through its teeth).

Investigate the attributes of odd animals and examine the environments they evolved in by interacting with dynamic media displays, computer animations, hands-on activities, and touchable models—then meet some of the new mammal species discovered each year by Field Museum scientists, who work to document and protect them.

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