Educational Resources

Educational Resources for Teachers

Plan a Field Trip
Engage the senses, bring curriculum concepts to life, and inspire new questions during a field trip to The Field Museum! Check out our Field Trip Programs including registration information, planning resources, and related Student Programs.

Bring Collections to Your Classroom
Bring Extreme Mammals to life in your classroom through the N. W. Harris Learning Collection. Check out these exciting resources that connect directly to the exhibition:

Experience Boxes
Real specimens for students to touch and explore first-hand.

  • Bite, Tear, Chew—Explore a variety of mammal skulls and their extreme teeth.
  • Ice Age Mammals—Learn about ice age giants, from mammoths and mastodons to giant beavers and saber-tooth tigers.
  • Hominid Evolution—Examine skulls and stone tools to understand how brain size varied amongst early hominids.

Exhibit Cases
Mammals on display for up-close observations in your classroom.

  • Virginia Opossum
  • American Beaver